Best Free Email Clients For Windows

This article isn’t as long as our other blogs so you’ve got to get right into the meat and potatoes of what you’re looking to learn more about. Windows has a lot of email options that you can choose from, most of these options are free for anyone to use. But which ones stand out above the rest as the very best providers to use?


  1. Gmail

gmailGmail is one of the highest rated and most frequently used personal email providers, as well as webmail provider on the planet. Backed by the most commonly used search engine in Google, the software is among the most powerful that can be found. The software is being consistently modified for the better, and offers top of the line security against cyber threats and a very user friendly interface that can have you sending and receiving emails in moments.


  1. outlookOutlook

Outlook is a Microsoft based company that offers a lot of diversity in terms of the average email client. They offer numerous surnames that you can choose from for your email address (Outlook, Hotmail, Live, etc.) and this gives you more ways to get the email address that suits you the best. More than this, the software itself is among the securest on the internet, and Outlook is constantly monitoring activity to stop identity thieves from attempting to get into your account.


  1. Yahoo Mail

yahooYahoo wants to be Google; in terms of both being search engines of high repute and by being the email provider that more people are choosing. This drive has caused them to almost constantly be evolving the interface of their email service to make it more streamlined and easier for people to use. Their landing page once you have logged in also features a completely customizable dashboard offering news and information catered to your preferences. This makes it a good home page to start your browsing from, and to quickly check your email from one convenient location.