Free email services that are less known

Just like there are lots of paid email services out there in the online world. There are also tons of free ones as well. Some of these free email services are every inch as good as the premium grade and paid ones are. However, are these free email services just as safe, as are the paid versions of them are? The answer is clear. It depends on which specific free email service you are talking about and if users do find them to be to their satisfaction for usage. Simple as that. Free email accounts can work great. It doesn’t matter if they are free. Some are good and of high quality for people to use regularly.


What are some relatively unknown free email providers out there? We are all different as people and individuals. It is a fact that cannot be denied. Therefore, with this thought in mind, there is an email client for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you need an email address for yourself or just a temporary one to pull a joke or prank o someone unexpectedly. What’ great about free email providers are clear. They aren’t that known or used as much as are most popular webmail providers are. They are truly the best webmail in their own ways.


Please find three free email providers below:

  • – 30Gigs gives each user 30GGB of free space
  • Aussie Mail – Aussie Mail is a free email service provider whose home is in Australia. However, anyone from anywhere can use it.
  • – Bluebottle is a free email service provider that places a heavy emphasis on spam protection and will only usually accept email from trusted sources and people.

Let us know what you think of them.